Meet The Instructor

How it all started

The first time I ever picked up a gun I was 18 years of age. I  had absolutely no fear and I dominated the shooting range like a Pro. I was hooked and fell in love with the sport of shooting. I was shooting expert level within weeks. I knew this was going to be my career of choice.

Tragedy Struck

I will never forget that dreaded phone call from my Mother. I was just 19 years old working that day finishing up my shift when my Mother informed me that my Father had just been found murdered in his rental car shot in his head twice at point blank range. I often reflect on that day and ask myself what if he would have been carrying a concealed firearm? What if he knew what to look for before he entered into his vehicle. What if he had been prepared? Would he still be alive today? That's a question I will never know the answer to, but today I am honored to teach others to never become a victim of crime after they have completed one of my courses.

My Current Position

I am an Instructor for the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association). I teach Firearms, Self-Defense and Home Defense courses in 32 states. I hold a level three armed Security License for the State of Texas. I am an member of the Well Armed Woman, NRA, and USCCA. Currently along with teaching I am the head of Security for a well known Evangelist. I take my career very seriously and believe that everyone should know how to defend themselves no matter what age, gender or disability. 


A detailed description explaining any course outline in detail will be emailed to you by request.

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L.A. Kerkes Instructor

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